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SUPER ACCURACY - Our Smart Digital Scale (TM) has high-precision weighing sensor. You can measure herbs, spices, liquids, food weight of 3000g/105.8oz and division of 0.1g/0.001oz accurately!
USER FRIENDLY - It comes with easy-to-read blue backlit LCD display, M button to convert the measuring unit (gram, ounces, gn, ct, tl). It also has an overload indicator and 60 seconds auto power off!
From medieval towns, lively cities and awesome old villages to stunning landscapes and breathtaking views in the Transylvanian Mountains. Discover Transylvania's vampires, explore the fantasy and the reality, be amazed by imposing castles, fortresses and fortified churches.
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iPhax Apple Watch Charge 2 in 1 Stand for iWatch & iPhone. High quality sturdy solid super-light aluminum stand with non-slip, high-friction soft-pad. Aluminum 2 in 1 Stand Charge Station for iWatch [Series 2] and iPhone 7, 7plus, 6S, 6plus / iPad. Quality Build that Guarantees Longevity and Service. The iPhax apple watch stand have a LIFETIME WARRANTY .
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